The Kids Are Alright | #MicroblogMonday

In the wake of the flurry of Mueller Report Bar Letter news, I’m thinking of this Vox article: Young people don’t care that much about the Mueller investigation. We’ve got bigger problems.

I was one of the “old people” (Xennial, here) mentioned in the article, breathlessly consuming Russiagate coverage. I don’t know how much hope I had in the process (cuz, Black in America), but I did want a sound, legal conclusion that motherfucker did something wrong. And worried what it meant for democracy if a sitting President was allowed to skate the law because LOLNOBODYCARESANDTHEMAGABASEISUNMOVED.

But looking at it from the perspective of a generation who grew up with active shooter drills in elementary school and the government doing nothing because AMERICAN!GUNS!FREEDOM!, I see how America was fundamentally broken* lonnnnng before that idiot descended that escalator. And even if–by some miracle–we are rid of him at the end of 2020, we’ve got work to do.

Score one for the kids. They’re on to something.

*cuz you know, racism, sexism, and rabid consumerism.

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