About The Skinny Black Girl

These are the tales and observations of a girl next door with a slick-mouthed twist. Raised by lady wolves who liked their liquor neat and their football games loud. Editor of fairy tales. Lover of solitude. Preacher from the Gospel of Hov. Where grit and grace collide, shades of grey are embraced and dumb rules are left for silly fools. Welcome to the world of The Skinny Black Girl.

Since the inception of  Skinny Black Girl  in 2007, I’ve lived a few lives. I’ve loved and lost. I’ve survived spells of my recurring major depressive disorder. I’ve been an ambitious big dreamer and a Zen hippie willing to go as the wind blows. I’ve come here with questions and accidentally helped others find their answers. Through it all, I’ve learned to adopt the following manifesto:

There is no permanent truth that will satisfy you forever. Don’t identify too strongly with your work. Stay fluid behind those black-and-white words. They are not you. They are a great moment going through you. A moment you were awake enough to write down and capture.

– Natalie Goldberg, Writing Down the Bones: Freeing the Writer Within.

This blog is a collection of moments; a real-time memoir.

Thanks for stopping by. Kick your feet up and hang out for a spell.