A Tale of Two Albums: College Dropout & Charity Starts at Home

Back in March, I had an idea. I would–after years of casual Twitter ramblings–write an article comparing two albums that captured pivotal moments in my life: Kanye West’s College Dropout and Phonte’s Charity Starts at Home. I’ve long held the belief that these two albums mirror each other. College Dropout representing the arrogant optimism of … [Read more…]

The Last Unicorn

A.K.A. How My Novel Turned Into A Series on Medium So I was all set to write my second book. It would be a romance novel through my snarky, cynical, “I hate romance” lens that explored black 30somethings in the age of social media P.D.A. I created my characters: Lexi–a confirmed bachelorette with a smart … [Read more…]


To the stories we don’t tell. The illicit moments that carve the lines of our being. Whispers of dark magic that pull us toward the edge of experience. Where we bathe in taboos and emerge radiant. The nights that drive us to our keyboards only to meet the fate of the backspace button. We can’t … [Read more…]