Week in Review: 11.20.15

Due to the tragic events in Paris last Friday, I skipped the Week in Review post. I want to say something about it; offering prayers feels lazy. Lamenting the state of the world feels very “You want it to be one way, but it’s the other way.” Beyond sadness for the lives lost, I’ve got nothing. Guess we can file that under “Ugh Shit” for the week.

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Week in Review: 11.6.15

I’m trying an off-shoot of the Skinny Bits format with “Week in Review” posts. I’ll sum up some highlights, some eye-rolls, dope reads and sounds, and words from the cosmos that resonated during the week. Continue reading

Skinny Bits 9.18.15

Last night’s game. Jesus Daequan Christ.

I need all the prayers, petitions to the Universe, and kind thoughts because I don’t see how I make it through this NFL season without a having heart attack or brain aneurysm. Peyton is old. With a bad neck. He can’t afford to have a steaming pile of garbage lined up in front of him. The hell do you build an alleged “run-heavy” offense when your offensive line can’t block worth a damn?

I pray this is Peyton’s last season. I can’t do much more of this.

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