Skinny Bits: February 12, 2018

I have no idea why anyone still reads this blog. At this point, it feels like I’m a grumpy old woman, barking at clouds. That said, if you’re still regularly clicking, reading, and sharing, thank you. Your presence is a present. A lot happened in sports last week. The Philadelphia Eagles vanquished the Evil Empire. … [Read more…]

Gone for the Summer

  Sometimes you write and sometimes you live. This feels like a “living” summer. If you need your sporadic doses of SBG, there’s my Facebook page (for random Skinny Bits) and Tiny Letter (for more personal, blog-ish stuff). The Skinny Black Girl on Facebook The Skinny Black Girl on Tiny Letter Just need a minute … [Read more…]

Too Lit for the Blog

“Do you have any thoughts on Tiny Letter? Seems like it might be up your alley.” This is how I learned about Tiny Letter, an email subscription service that lets people sign up to receive personal updates from their friends, family, or (ahem) favorite bloggers in their inbox. More personal than a formal newsletter. With … [Read more…]