Perfect Storm (#WYAOApril: Spill)

Subtitle: Omne Trium Perfectum One day I’ll tell the story of how we came to be. I’ll order the steps. Create the moment I “just knew.” List the reasons–and there will be many–I let you beyond high, barb-wired walls others couldn’t climb. I’ll build a monument to your magic, for no mere mortal could pry open … [Read more…]


  1. Ren

    I’ve been feeling for a while that SM in general is like an apartment I’ve been living in for 10 years, and it’s a great apartment, but over the years, the riffraff has moved into the neighborhood and brought down property values. They’re loud and invasive and have no manners (and can’t spell…), and I hate having to pass through all their trash to get home. The only thing I use anymore is Twitter, and even that is becoming a hassle.

    We got the best of it. Maybe it’s time to bail and let the whippersnappers have the scraps. Go back to the deep interpersonal relationships of old–like email. 🙂

  2. i read an article about how we non-millennial millennials hate things because we were “old” when new technology started. we were adultish when we had cell phones and texting was new so we embrace these things and need them but still need the old way and like our CDs and paperbacks but love our ipods and Kindles. we don’t HAVE to keep up but we do enough.
    but i’m a firm believer in doing just enough. and the only thing worth anything on Snapchat is DJ Khaled. so yes there are plenty of us like get off my e-lawn.

  3. I absolutely have to crack up at this given I am one of those #90sBabies literally approaching 30. Social media isn’t the same and while I hold on for dear life to it (twitter) I’m *this* close to wrapping things up. Maybe it comes with getting older but I’m over social media- I’d rather have one on one/in person convos/connections.

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