Scenes from the Weekend: Chicago

I went out of town to take a walk.

Before I fell in love with New Orleans, Chicago was my favorite city in the world. Having interned there in the summer of 2005, it holds a special place in my heart as the only place outside Ohio I’ve ever called “home.” I’ve made a few quick jaunts to the city since 2005, but never during the summer. And listen. Chicago is magical in the summer. Overdue for some Summertime Chi, I visited my friend and Chicago native Ashleigh while she worked a two-day astrology conference; giving me two days of solo wandering around downtown Chicago.

It was perfect.*

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You Hungry? My Trip to Montreal

Here’s what you should know about Montreal, Quebec:

They want to make sure you’re well-fed.

For every block in the Mont Royal neighborhood where my friend Keila and I stayed, there are at least seven restaurants. Two pizza places, two sushi spots, Lebanese food, a place that serves poutine, and a coffee shop.

What you should also know is Montreal is a great city to wander, eat, and drink. Which is just what my travel itineraries consist of.

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