#SkinnyBlackJams: Break Up Songs

You’re done. You’ve deleted the text threads. Changed his name to “Do Not Call.” Unfollowed, muted, and blocked him into Social Media Purgatory. What else do you need? A break-up playlist. Not the Amy Winehouse-I’m-devastated-and-holed-up-in-my-room-with-a-bottle-of-wine playlist. You need a You-Got-Me-Fucked-Up-And-I’m-Out playlist. I’m talking busted windows, freak ’em dresses, and a …

#SkinnyBlackJams: Bad Boy’s Underappreciated Gems

Since the Puff Daddy & the Family Reunion Tour launched last weekend, I've been Bad Boy-obsessed. As a product of the early 80s, my attachment to the Shiny Suit era runs deep. Obviously, the music jammed. There was my massive crush on Ma$e (had 20 posters of him in my bedroom–one poster for each of his 20 years of age in 1997). This was also when I discovered Vibe Magazine and The Source; publications that became my personal bibles. Bad Boy's apex marked a turning point when music and the stories behind it became my passion.