8:01 (The 10th Anniversary Post)

Dear Skinny Black Girl, Ten years ago, I typed “Confessions of a Skinny Black Girl” into a Blogspot header and birthed you. I raised you, molded you until the gulf between us evaporated. Lines blurred between you, the identity on the page and me, the person living a life. Today, I can’t distinguish our truth … [Read more…]

Gone for the Summer

  Sometimes you write and sometimes you live. This feels like a “living” summer. If you need your sporadic doses of SBG, there’s my Facebook page (for random Skinny Bits) and Tiny Letter (for more personal, blog-ish stuff). The Skinny Black Girl on Facebook The Skinny Black Girl on Tiny Letter Just need a minute … [Read more…]

Too Lit for the Blog

“Do you have any thoughts on Tiny Letter? Seems like it might be up your alley.” This is how I learned about Tiny Letter, an email subscription service that lets people sign up to receive personal updates from their friends, family, or (ahem) favorite bloggers in their inbox. More personal than a formal newsletter. With … [Read more…]

The I’m Not Washed World Tour

“I’m really too young to be feeling this old.” – a Canadian rapper I no longer listen to. In February, in a dimly lit restaurant over whiskey cocktails and seafood appetizers, C and I pondered our social lives as unmarried, non-parent 30somethings. “Remember summer 2009?” I asked. She nodded. A megawatt smile spreading across her … [Read more…]