Notes from the Get Off My Lawn music fan

I’m often told I should be more open to the changing landscape of music.

As if by opting out of music I don’t enjoy, I’m missing something amazing. I still find amazing in the music I grew up on. I still see “I’d rather die enormous than live dormant” taped to my bedroom wall when I hear Jay-Z’s “Can I Live.” Ready to take on the world when I growl along with Eve that “I’m a purebred baby, I don’t fuck with mutts.” To this day, no song will get me out of my drawls quicker than Jagged Edge’s “What You Tryin’ to Do.”

Not only is the music of yesteryear available to enjoy, it’s ripe for exploration. I’m still turning in late passes on music I couldn’t appreciate as a shorty (see: OutKast’s Aquemini and A Tribe Called Quest’s catalog). I’ve got opinions that never made it to Vibe, The Source or XXL. Like why don’t we talk more about Ruff Ryders’ Ryde or Die Vol. 1 as one of the greatest hip-hop compilation albums? My thesis on my neverending love for Jagged Edge. An argument for Mia X’s inclusion on your Great Female MCs list.

I’m still that 13-year-old girl with her finger on the rewind button and a pen in her hand, trying to capture an impressive punchline in her notebook. Except now I’ve got a mean playlist game and a place to share my thoughts.

Introducing #SkinnyBlackJams: a blog series for the Get Off My Lawn music fan. 

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