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Praise for Songs About Boys:

“Songs About Boys is SBG at her best; sexy and funny and witty, seamlessly blended with the type of brutal honesty and introspection we only allow ourselves inside the safety of our heads.”
– La, Creator, Liquor, Loans and Love

“Some of it reads like a Summer Shandy. And some of it reads like [she] wrote it blindfolded in a dark room.”
– Garfield Hylton, Creator and Host, Negroes With a Podcast

“From flirting freely in a dimly lit bar to sitting passenger side with a soon-to-be-bygone lover, Robyn doesn’t just open the door to her life in this collection, but she lets readers join her for the ride. In Songs About Boys, her voice is equal parts self-assured and vulnerable as she chronicles what it means to simultaneously question and stand firm in her decisions as an unconventional woman.”
– Tyece Wilkins, Author, Twenties Unscripted


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